Friday, March 24, 2017

Sabaragamuwa Budget – 27th to 31st October



Council Secretary, Mr. Lalith Dodamkotuwa told that the  budget of the  Sabaragamuwa Provincial Council for the year 2015  will be held from 27th to 31st October  at the Provincial Council Premises, New Town, Ratnaprua.

The budget of Weligepola local council was passed unanimously for the second concecutive time

The budget of the Wligepola local council of the Rathnapura district was passes unanimously.

The second voting for the budget was held on 23rd at the local council auditorium by the Chairman Mr.Kelum Helapalla.

Weligapola Local Council consists of 08 UPFA members and 01 Independent member.

According to the Chairman Mr. Kelum Helapalla, all the members, including the independent member voted for the budget and passed the budget unanimously.

Weligepola administrative division recorded one of the two highest percentage of votes in the country for the UPFA in the last election.

Apart from the Weligepola local council, Welikanda local council of Polonnaruwa District too recorded the highest percentage of votes for UPFA in the previous election.

"As the nominees from the UNP for the Weligepola local council were all rejected, there is no UNP representation in the council" said, the chairman.

Balangoda nanperiyal Sabaragamuwa Provincial Council to develop a section of the garden nenrek allocated Rs 234 ilatcama! On the day of the commencement of development on the upcoming 9 nanperiyal garden featuring a mobile medical services .....

Balangoda nanperiyal Sabaragamuwa Provincial Council to develop a section of the garden nenrek devision.

For people suffering hardships visited nenrek Sabaragamuwa Provincial Chief- Herath said nenrek division took action to fully develop .

Accordingly, the Sabaragamuwa Provincial Council in 2013 to 234 million rupees allocated under the budget of the program is to be developed .

Nanperiyal estate road development 13,120,000 rupees , nanperiyal plantation medical clinic setting 1,404,000 rupees , nanperiyal temple development 2,409,000 rupees , nanperiyal Vivekananda Tamil Vidyalaya in the new building on the construction of 2,715,000 rupees , Vivekananda Tamil Vidyalaya Hostel setup 2,690,000 rupees , nanperiyal health doctors quarts, the official residence of setting 1,030,000 has been allocated Rs .

All the above projects monday December 9 th at 9:00 am , beginning at the head of the Sabaragamuwa Provincial Chief- Herath has been placed . For the occasion, the Minister of Education and Culture Information Technology Banu munippiriya , Provincial Council members are expected to attend all of the key personnel , including Saliya Ellewala .


The Sabaragamuwa Province Chief Minister of Health and Minister of the day, Herath led Maheipala nanperiyal free medical mobile service will be held in the garden . 

Kegalle District Football Championship Trophy goes to Kannanthota Young Lions, defeating 30 teams.

The final match of the Kegalle District Inter Sports-Club Football League tournament was held at the Kegalle Public Ground recently.

The league was organized by the Kegalle Football Union under the full patronage of the Sri Lanka Football Association and more than 30 teams competed for a period of three months.

Maya sports Club and the Maheepala Herath "Janasahana" Foundation fully sponsored the league and the Young Lion sports club of Kannanthota emerged winners, defeating the Maya Sports Club 2-0 in the finals.

Accordingly, the Young Lions Sports Club of Kananthota won the Championship 2013, while Maya Sports Club and Old Marians Sports Club won the second and third places respectively. Apart from this, Maheepala Herath “Janasahana” Foundation donated sports equipment for 14 sports clubs for the purpose of uplifting sports in the Kegalle District.

Trophies and awards were distributed by the Hon. Chief Minister of Sabaragamuwa, Maheepala Herath, Hon. Member of the parliament Kanaka Herath, Chairman of the Sri Lanka Football Association Mr. Ranjith Rodrigo, Provincial Council Members Imitias Kadal, Nihal Faruk and the Mayor of Kegalle Mr. G.K Samarasinghe.

All the school Kabaddi tournament 2013

All the school Kabaddi tournament 2013 today ( 09 ) ruvanvellai generally began in the playground .

In the north of the country , including the East began representing all the provinces of the All Ceylon School Kabaddi Kabaddi Federation of Sri Lanka with the help of sports competition organized by the school is cammelanattin Kabaddi .

In the under 14 and under 18, male , female and they will show . Before 28 male team , female team 15 .

Today ( 09 ) as the Chief Guest at the beginning of the Kabaddi Federation of Sri Lanka Sabaragamuwa Province Chief Minister and leader of the mahipala Herath , Deputy Minister of Agriculture attended the final match and the closing ceremony as vaiji Pathmasiri tomorrow ( 10 ) ruvanvellai usually held in the playground .

Chairman of the All Ceylon School Kabaddi Federation , Sabaragamuwa Provincial Director of Education ( Sports ) bye alakakon , cucat mancula as president of the Board attended ruvanvellai area .